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Good Fences #56


Here’s a new favourite of mine.  Everything was in it’s place for a nice picture.

It’s Good Fences #56.  Click on over and say Howdy!


14 responses

  1. oh, that is a SWEET scene! and now i recognize those raspberry canes! 🙂

    2015/04/16 at 13:46

    • T, thank you! I was quite pleased with the way it turned out!

      2015/04/16 at 19:16

  2. Gorgeous scene behind that fence. What is the crop growing there?

    2015/04/16 at 15:20

    • Ida, thank you! The crop is Raspberries!

      2015/04/16 at 19:14

  3. Pat

    What a fantastic scene, beautifully composed and edited.

    2015/04/16 at 15:35

    • Pat, thanks so much!

      2015/04/16 at 19:13

  4. Oh, my–totally love it. Just such a wonderful scene.

    2015/04/16 at 16:13

  5. just gorgeous.

    2015/04/16 at 18:23

    • Felicia, thanks!

      2015/04/16 at 19:11

  6. Hillechien Prins

    It looks like a painting, beautiful.

    2015/04/17 at 22:45

    • Hillechien, thank you!

      2015/04/17 at 22:47

  7. Fantastic!! Well done to capture it like that!
    Thumbs Up.

    2015/04/18 at 15:09

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