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Barn Collective #23


A Langley, B.C. barn against a moody sky.

Linked to:  Barn Collective #23. 


16 responses

  1. Oh wow! This is a spectacular!!! I love the way you edited the image. And the blue metal roof is so eye-catching.

    2015/03/16 at 15:44

    • Anne, thanks very much!

      2015/03/16 at 15:51

  2. Very nice, Robin. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    2015/03/16 at 16:16

    • Tom, thanks! I really like that iCloud back there!

      2015/03/16 at 17:13

  3. really nice! looks like a painting with ink outlines. 🙂

    2015/03/16 at 17:25

  4. a beautiful setting.

    2015/03/16 at 17:26

    • Felecia, thank you!

      2015/03/16 at 17:29

  5. Normally I would only have eyes for the barn, and I do love it, but my, oh, my. That sky is something else!

    2015/03/16 at 17:31

    • Rose, thank you! The sky really sold me too!

      2015/03/16 at 18:16

  6. Hillechien Prins

    Superbe picture

    2015/03/17 at 04:50

  7. Pat

    Beautiful scene. Love those clouds.

    2015/03/17 at 16:29

    • Pat, thanks! I really like them too!

      2015/03/17 at 17:45

  8. Such an awesome moody shot. Love the treatment!

    2015/03/19 at 09:27

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