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On a trip to Costco the other day, we found these wonderful Magnolias in the parking lot.


11 responses

  1. beautiful!

    2015/03/14 at 15:33

  2. Beautiful!

    2015/03/14 at 16:53

    • My, thanks!

      2015/03/14 at 16:54

      • You are welcome, thank you for sharing! Here is still seeing ice on the street. Hopefully will melt soon. 🙂

        2015/03/14 at 16:56

      • My, hope that changes soon!

        2015/03/14 at 17:01

      • Our “real spring” usually comes in mid April to early May. 😦

        2015/03/14 at 17:40

  3. Pat

    A cloud of white blossoms!

    2015/03/15 at 16:42

    • Pat, thanks! They were very nice!

      2015/03/15 at 18:55

  4. whatkarensees

    A great find!

    2015/03/30 at 19:25

    • Karen, they are so pretty! Thanks!

      2015/04/02 at 17:31

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