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A local Antiques store.  Looks interesting!


8 responses

  1. cool looking place!!!

    2015/03/06 at 15:44

    • T, looks like from outside anyway! Don’t know why we didn’t go in while we were there!

      2015/03/06 at 16:56

  2. Pat

    So much to look at on the outside and I’ll bet it’s chock- full of goodies inside. It’s a great shot.

    2015/03/06 at 16:14

    • Pat, it seems to be pretty well piled up in there! Thanks!

      2015/03/06 at 16:57

  3. treadway

    I would love to explore that place!

    2015/03/08 at 19:59

    • Treadway, we have to do that too!

      2015/03/08 at 20:17

  4. Man that looks more than interesting, Tom The Backroads Traveller

    2015/03/09 at 13:44

    • Tom, probably could spend all day there!

      2015/03/09 at 17:52

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