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CNR line through Langley, B.C.

8 responses

  1. Pat

    Great shot. Love the perspective.

    2015/02/22 at 16:45

    • Pat, thanks! There’s just something about train tracks that draws me in!

      2015/02/22 at 17:38

  2. ooh, i like it! dreamy and a tad eerie. 🙂

    2015/02/23 at 06:21

    • T, thanks! I quite like how it turned out!

      2015/02/23 at 17:49

  3. Love the monochromatic effect of the overcast sky. Really sets a mood. The angle of the tracks and the perspective of the pole line draw the eye out from the left to the end of the sight. I keep going along the track for more!! Thumbs Up.

    2015/02/23 at 21:37

    • Spry, thank you!

      2015/02/23 at 22:22

  4. I always love shots looking down the railroad…probably because it brings back memories of walking the railroad to school every day.

    2015/02/24 at 11:53

    • Rose, thanks! Yes, there’s some appeal there for me too!

      2015/02/24 at 12:17

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