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Spring Lamb


Here’s some Good Fences around this little flock of Lambs and the Mama’s, otherwise they’d be out on the road.

Linked to Good Fences! 


12 responses

  1. oh, so sweet!!! a very good fence! 🙂

    2015/02/12 at 18:18

    • T, I thought you’d like it!

      2015/02/12 at 18:54

  2. I love the cute lamb, great fence scene! Have a happy weekend!

    2015/02/13 at 02:03

    • Eileen, thanks! I thought it was cute!

      2015/02/13 at 13:10

  3. WOW! Lovely fence shot.

    2015/02/13 at 02:14

    • Margaret, thanks!

      2015/02/13 at 13:10

  4. Pat

    Oh, I love sheep! What a sweet shot.

    2015/02/13 at 07:47

    • Pat, thanks! They were sure keeping an eye on me!

      2015/02/13 at 13:12

  5. Baby lambs don’t appear here until March. Nice shot!

    2015/02/13 at 11:06

    • Diankelly, thanks! I think these guys are maybe a bit early!

      2015/02/13 at 13:16

  6. Awwwww so sweet, love little lambs.

    2015/02/13 at 18:42

    • Felicia, aren’t they cute!

      2015/02/13 at 18:44

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