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In the Raspberries


Here’s another barn in a Raspberry field.  It’s in Abbotsford, B.C.

Linked to Barn Collective #18


12 responses

  1. Pat

    What a nice-looking group of outbuildings.

    2015/02/09 at 16:58

    • Pat, thanks! The house is just off to the right.

      2015/02/09 at 17:29

  2. love those ropy canes!

    2015/02/09 at 18:02

    • T, thanks! They’re tied up quite nicely!

      2015/02/09 at 19:10

  3. There is something special in both Canadian and U.S. culture about farms and especially barns…Love the image you captured, it speaks to our traditions.

    2015/02/10 at 15:10

    • Charlie, thank you! It certainly is a popular subject with no end of subjects!

      2015/02/10 at 15:17

  4. I love the lighting in this…

    2015/02/11 at 14:40

  5. Great light and sky. Those raspberry canes are so interesting looking. We have a few plants and they are all over the place. We need to get a handle on them. Thanks for linking this week!

    2015/02/12 at 08:24

  6. Beautiful barn! I have never seen a Raspberry field before.

    2015/02/14 at 13:21

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