My world in images

Into the Unknown


Twilight Zone or Stephen Kingish a local road poses the question:  what’s over the rise!

12 responses

  1. Zombies!!!

    2015/02/03 at 16:37

    • Amy, who knows 👹💀👹

      2015/02/03 at 17:11

  2. Oh, you’ve got that right!

    2015/02/03 at 18:38

  3. Your image really does begin the story.

    2015/02/03 at 22:26

    • Charlie, thanks!

      2015/02/03 at 22:55

  4. Pat

    Love this image. Very mysterious.

    2015/02/04 at 07:38

  5. UFO just landed… Mulder and Scully are going down the road to investigate.
    Evokes an eeriness and almost haunting feeling. Well done!

    2015/02/04 at 09:25

    • Sprytely, works for me!!

      2015/02/04 at 14:34

  6. It does look a little creepy … what could be over that hill?
    Have loved looking through your blog.

    2015/02/07 at 22:14

    • Country, thank you and welcome!

      2015/02/07 at 22:20

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