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Barn Collective #17


An Abbotsford, B.C. barn.  Everything’s looking a bit dreary!

Wet, wet, weather will do that!

Linked to Barn Collective #17 


17 responses

  1. can practically watch the moss growing on that place! 😉

    2015/02/02 at 15:11

    • T, That’s one thing we have lots of!

      2015/02/02 at 17:02

  2. wonderful find Robin. hope you get some sun soon.

    2015/02/02 at 16:47

    • Felicia, thanks! Yeah, me too!

      2015/02/02 at 17:03

  3. It just reflects the mood around it…I bet it is gorgeous in the spring and fall! I just love old barns like this.

    2015/02/02 at 16:56

    • Amy, thanks! I do too! There seems to be lots of them around!

      2015/02/02 at 17:03

  4. Ellen

    Great setting for this barn!

    2015/02/02 at 17:07

  5. Pat

    The whole scene will change with the arrival of spring.

    2015/02/02 at 17:11

    • Pat, yes I’m sure it will! I’ll have to remember to go back! Our groundhog said six more weeks!

      2015/02/02 at 17:13

  6. Ah, Life on the “Wet Coast” Tom The Backroads Traveller

    2015/02/03 at 04:11

    • Tom, yes. Indeed!

      2015/02/03 at 10:18

    • Tom, yes indeed!

      2015/02/03 at 12:25

  7. I appreciate the way you edited this one. The graininess and bluish-gray hues give it a lot of interest.

    2015/02/03 at 15:03

    • Anne, thank you very much!

      2015/02/03 at 16:03

  8. It’s been dreary here many days too. Sometimes it makes a great photo though. Looks like this place is still well used. Thanks for sharing this week!

    2015/02/03 at 16:38

    • Amy, I guess when it gets like that you have to mke the most with what’s around! Foggy misty old brns!

      2015/02/03 at 17:12

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