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A single post does not a fence make!  Perhaps they got sidetracked by the view.

It’s Good Fences Day drop on over to the Run-A-Round Ranch and see what the people have today. 

It will be worth it!




12 responses

  1. funny! but i could see it happening! 🙂

    2014/09/04 at 15:22

    • T, too many distractions!

      2014/09/04 at 15:38

  2. Pat

    It’s a beginning.

    2014/09/04 at 16:35

  3. Don’t blame them one bit. I would not have even gotten the one post in. Amazing mountain view.

    2014/09/04 at 18:34

    • Felicia, isn’t it a wonderful view! Thanks!

      2014/09/04 at 19:18

  4. Finished or not. still an awesome sight.

    2014/09/04 at 19:41

    • Lavoice, it certainly is!

      2014/09/04 at 20:00

  5. It’s a view worth being distracted. Great post (both in words) and the actual post in the photo.

    2014/09/04 at 21:01

  6. Diana

    I love it!

    2014/09/05 at 16:56

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