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The majestic mountains near Frank, B.C.


10 responses

  1. love the darkness of the mountain base against the skies ethereal quality. 🙂

    2014/09/02 at 14:16

    • T, thanks! The views through there are really stunning!

      2014/09/02 at 16:07

  2. Brian King

    That’s a gorgeous shot!

    2014/09/02 at 15:35

  3. Mighty nice country … you don’t need anything but your eyes to keep you entertained.
    I might take a little of the cyan out of it, though. Then again, maybe not.

    2014/09/02 at 17:54

    • D, thanks! It is that!

      2014/09/02 at 18:20

  4. Pat

    Such a beautiful shot. I love the light and shadow.

    2014/09/03 at 15:49

  5. They are magnificent and more. so very beautiful Robin.

    2014/09/04 at 18:35

    • Felicia, thank you!

      2014/09/04 at 19:19

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