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Facing Another Storm


A long abandoned house looks to the eastern horizon as another storm threatens from the north.


10 responses

  1. oh, wow. i love this. and i love your title for it. it has withstood so much already… beautiful.

    2014/08/31 at 13:23

  2. Pat

    Love the simplicity of the composition and the moody atmosphere.

    2014/08/31 at 13:52

  3. Brian King

    I like the ominous feel of this! Nicely done! Your blog was recommended to me by TexWisGirl.

    2014/08/31 at 16:24

    • Brian, thanks! Texwis is a friend of mine for sure!

      2014/08/31 at 16:44

  4. Excellent shot, Robin!
    That sure does look like watercolour , up there at the top … those clouds look WET!
    And TWG’s remark about the title is right on.

    2014/08/31 at 16:55

    • D, thanks! An interesting place I’ve been driving past for years!

      2014/08/31 at 17:48

  5. Agreeing with Brian King here, I like the ominous feel of this too!

    2014/09/01 at 02:01

    • Torque, ah yes, can it survive another great storm!!

      2014/09/01 at 02:14

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