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Graffiti Rock


Along Highway #3 in Southeastern B.C., this rock has been

a popular place for people to tell everyone going by that they were there.

I wonder how many layers of paint there are!  


8 responses

  1. hopefully friendly message. 🙂

    2014/08/30 at 16:09

    • T, I dunno! I can never read those things!

      2014/08/30 at 17:00

  2. Pat

    That’s quite a sight. Looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere. Have you left your mark there? 🙂

    2014/08/30 at 16:40

    • Pat, it is out by itself! I don’t know how it got there. It’s been there for years and I don’t know why they haven’t shifted it. I haven’t left my mark,except now I guess I’ve marked it!

      2014/08/30 at 17:02

  3. Brian King

    I usually not a fan of graffiti, but that’s kinda cool! Beautiful scenery, too!

    2014/08/31 at 16:28

    • Brian, thanks! I’m not usually a fan either, but this one has endured for years!

      2014/08/31 at 16:45

  4. look forward to your posts – scenery is amazing! thanks again

    2014/08/31 at 17:59

    • Anthony, thanks!

      2014/09/01 at 14:45

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