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An Old Deere

old deere


8 responses

  1. what a BEAUT!

    2014/08/24 at 13:39

    • T, a lot of work behind her! Glad she has a nice garden to watch over in her retirement!

      2014/08/24 at 13:40

  2. Pat

    Great old tractor!

    2014/08/24 at 16:15

    • Pat, lots of miles I bet!

      2014/08/24 at 16:45

  3. Hard to find these oldies. Looka them wheels!

    2014/08/24 at 17:32

    • D, I was thinking about the rear wheels. Shouldn’t the little scoops be facing the other way!
      I don’t imagine there was much traction either way!

      2014/08/24 at 17:57

      • I think that this way, they’d tear the ground up less. It looks like they could be reversed if need be.

        2014/08/24 at 19:26

      • I was thinking that too!

        2014/08/24 at 19:40

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