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Fences and Fans


Near Pincher Creek in Alberta.  An expanse of fences, a railway track and along the ridge a huge group of wind turbines!

It’s Good Fences day.  Be sure to visit Run-a-Round Ranch  and have a look at all the fences from people all over the place!  Such fun!


15 responses

  1. wow. lines all over the place! thanks, robin!

    2014/08/21 at 13:00

    • T, fun, isn’t it!

      2014/08/21 at 13:44

  2. Well, at least they weren’t “giants, waving their mighty arms” … LOL

    2014/08/21 at 14:12

    • D, I never realized how huge they are!

      2014/08/21 at 14:16

      • One doesn’t … until one sees them up close. I have a shirt-tail relative who works in a factory that makes them, in Minnesota. He says that those blades seem to rotate slowly, but they are so long that the tip is moving at 200 mph.
        A big long truck that was carrying a section of one of the towers dropped it in Menomonee Falls, just up the pike, here: .

        2014/08/21 at 14:32

      • Along that stretch of highway the towers come quite close. That was when we got an appreciation for the size. This area is is where the plains begin and is very windy. A well suited place. There always was some in the area but the number has really grown. Them giants must be reproducing out there!

        2014/08/21 at 14:50

  3. bj

    Love your photo….here on the plains of West Texas, we have a lot of these windmills.

    2014/08/21 at 15:20

  4. Pat

    Great shot, Robin.

    2014/08/21 at 16:44

  5. I like this image Robin. wonderful.

    2014/08/21 at 17:40

    • Felicia, thanks?

      2014/08/21 at 17:50

    • Felicia, I meant ! Not ? !!

      2014/08/21 at 17:50

  6. Besides fences, there are lots of things here to divide the prairie. Lovely sky, too.

    My “Good Fences” post can be found here:

    2014/08/21 at 21:39

    • CJ, thanks! Always something interesting to see!

      2014/08/21 at 22:17

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