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The Three Sisters



Deep in the Rocky Mountains.  Close by to Fernie, B.C.  Which is one of the prettier areas of the province I have seen.

It is also known as Trinity Mountain!   Thanks to RT for the names!


12 responses

  1. just beautiful, rugged country!

    2014/08/18 at 13:13

    • T, thanks! Yep, it’s pretty rugged!

      2014/08/18 at 13:29

  2. You really captured the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

    2014/08/18 at 15:36

    • Charlie, thanks!

      2014/08/18 at 16:08

  3. Pat

    Fantastic capture, Robin.

    2014/08/18 at 16:58

  4. In a landscape like that, who the hell CARES where you are?

    2014/08/18 at 17:59

    • D, right on! That was my feel ing too!

      2014/08/18 at 18:45

  5. RT

    Thats the “Three Sisters” aka Trinity Mountain which looks down on Fernie British Columbia in The Crowsnest Pass

    2014/08/21 at 12:28

    • RT, thank you very much! I will amend my post! I knew it was in that area, but I’m not to familiar with the names of the mountains! Cheers!

      2014/08/21 at 12:38

      • RT

        The picture I was referring to as the “Three Sisters” is the one with three peaks. It looks like you amended a different picture. Regards

        2014/08/21 at 15:00

      • RT, corrections made! Ever have one of those days!! I just did!

        2014/08/21 at 16:38

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