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Goldenrod Fence


 A Goldenrod along a Rail Fence.  It’s Good fences day.  Stop in at Run-a-Round Ranch and check out the fences!  Lots of great images there!  


13 responses

  1. very, VERY pretty! thanks, robin!

    2014/08/14 at 12:30

    • T, thank you! It’s a pleasure!

      2014/08/14 at 13:17

  2. Nice shot, Robin.

    2014/08/14 at 13:05

  3. Pat

    Pretty painterly image.

    2014/08/14 at 14:26

  4. Beautiful photo!

    2014/08/14 at 15:28

  5. great image Robin. Love the painting effect.

    2014/08/14 at 16:59

    • Felicia, thank you!

      2014/08/14 at 17:55

  6. Very nice post editing processing.

    2014/08/14 at 19:32

    • Stephanie, thank you!

      2014/08/14 at 20:36

  7. Beautiful with the goldenrod. Unfortunately goldenrod tells e summer is ending and fall is on its way.

    2014/08/15 at 08:35

    • CJ, Yes, your right, but I hope we get more summer!

      2014/08/15 at 12:01

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