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House on the Hill



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  1. Yes, and optically, it’s a curious-looking thing, too: the part coming down the hill seems to show no perspective!
    I suppose if he’d built in the vales, he’d be buried in the winter …
    BTW, didn’t this come out kinda small and off-centre?

    2014/08/13 at 13:37

    • D, I really don’t get it either! Seems a strange place to build! Yes, small and off centre. Seems WordPress has made some changes to their program. Now I have to figure out how to get what I was getting before they buggered things up!!

      2014/08/13 at 14:39

      • OK, drop down to “Edit”. When it’s finished jumping around, you’ll find at the top of the editing box, at the left, “Add Media”. Click it. A page comes up with all your pictures. the last one first. ‘WAY over to the right is a column that you can scroll down. Scroll it down all the way. Somewhere there at the bottom you’ll find a box or boxes that tell the software whether you want the picture right, left or centre. Pick the one you want. Then, at the very bottom, there are some boxes for what size you want. Just pick “Full size” and let the software worry about the rest. (Incidentally, it seems to remember those settings, so you’ll probably not have to reset them again.)
        Then, go up to your picture and click it; it should get a checkmark in the corner. Then back down to the bottom right and click “Import into post”, or whatever it says.
        Zingo! you’re back on the “Edit” page. Go over to the right and click on “Update”, and it will update (BTW, the codes describing your picture should, somewhere in the middle, say something like “Align centre” and near the end it should say something like “large” or “full”.) If all is well, up at the top there’s a little link that says “View post” or something like that. Click it.
        You’re probably done.

        2014/08/13 at 18:50

      • D, thank you! Appreciate your assistance! I think I’ve got it figured!

        2014/08/13 at 18:58

  2. what a view on those rolling hills! but, yes, i’d hate to think about it in winter!

    2014/08/13 at 14:31

    • T, me too, for sure! They get lost of it there (winter)

      2014/08/13 at 14:40

    • That was lots of it!

      2014/08/13 at 14:40

  3. Pat

    What a view!

    2014/08/14 at 14:48

  4. Seeing your title, I thought it was about some haunted house! 😛 On a serious note, it’s a beautiful, cozy looking lush green hill. A bit scary though to live there!

    2014/08/16 at 00:20

    • Torque, I think so!

      2014/08/16 at 01:04

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