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Another Bug Shot


A Skipper butterfly sitting on a wild Everlasting Pea flower.


6 responses

  1. just marvelous! great detail, color and love the background, too!

    2014/08/11 at 12:51

  2. Pat

    Really pretty. I haven’t seen many skippers this summer.

    2014/08/11 at 16:52

    • Pat, thank you! There were quite a few around these thistles!

      2014/08/11 at 17:40

  3. I’ve seen exactly one dang busterfly this Summer … one of those little (1″ or so) yellow guys that go flitting about. And that’s it … I suppose we’ve managed to upset the ecosystem enough that they don’t care to stay around any more.
    This is really nice, Robin … the colours are perfect.

    2014/08/11 at 18:55

    • D, thanks! I’ve only seen a couple as well. And we went half way across the country and back! They just don’t seem to be around anymore

      2014/08/11 at 19:16

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