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Dressed for Dinner

wasp Here’s a Wasp!  A Yellowjacket I think.  But this Yellowjacket has a green jacket!  I can’t find any reference to such an occurrence.  Strange!  It’s approaching a Thistle flower.

2014-08-10:  I have learned that this is not a Wasp at all.  It is in fact a Metallic Green Bee!  Thanks to Der Wandersmann for his advice!



6 responses

  1. very interesting!

    2014/08/10 at 13:54

  2. Pat

    Great shot of this interesting wasp. It is beautiful.

    2014/08/10 at 16:42

    • Pat, beautiful but strange! Thanks!

      2014/08/10 at 18:14

  3. Apparently it’s not a wasp, but some kind of bee, and the green colour is entirely normal. I was alarmed at first, because it looked like it had been infected with some kind of mould, but apparently it’s OK. BTW, this picture is better than any I found while researching.

    2014/08/10 at 19:06

    • D, thanks! I was alarmed at the same thing! But I had. No luck finding out anything!

      2014/08/10 at 21:17

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