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Da Berries


An eclectic mix of ripe, nearly ripe and not ripe Blackberries.  Careful of the thorns!


4 responses

  1. just beautiful! and tempting!

    2014/08/07 at 18:47

    • T, I tasted a few! They are a bit small this year! I guess cause it’s been so dry!

      2014/08/07 at 19:36

  2. Looks like the season is advancing. Be sure you get out there before the birds! Wife’s cousin is having to peg her netting down very thoroughly … she is afflicted with very aggressive and industrious squirrels.

    2014/08/07 at 18:47

    • D, it’s seems the Starlings are very fond of them! I used to pick a lot of them and make jam! Excellent jam! But we are at that time of life when we don’t need the extra sugar, and they need sugar!

      2014/08/07 at 19:38

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