My world in images

Prairie Barn


A Saskatchewan prairie homestead


6 responses

  1. what a great scene! the color of the roofing and the row of windows draws the eye to the barn, for sure!

    2014/08/06 at 15:30

    • T, I thought it was a very nice scene too! Thanks!

      2014/08/07 at 18:19

  2. Pat

    Love the wide open spaces.

    2014/08/06 at 16:08

    • Pat, I really like them too!

      2014/08/06 at 16:14

  3. Good one, Robin! Didn’t happen to see Adele out there, did you? She’s been ominously quiet this Summer. After Erwin’s dropping off the face of the earth, I’m beginning to wonder if someone’s after all the naturalists.
    What happened to the sky? It doesn’t seen like an even tone, but it doesn’t look like clouds, either.

    2014/08/07 at 18:52

    • D, thanks! The skies a bit strange cause I got a bit of glare and couldn’t get rid of it, but I did want to use the shot!
      Haven’t heard a peep from Adele! I guess she’s off exploring the world! I look forward to her return!

      2014/08/07 at 19:41

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