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The Fishing Hole

The local fishing hole

The local fishing hole


8 responses

  1. a great place!

    2014/07/21 at 14:06

    • T, the picture actually looked better than the place itself! The water was actually green and smelly! I don’t know what could be caught there but I wouldn’t eat it!

      2014/07/21 at 15:05

  2. Pat

    Love the painterly effect.

    2014/07/21 at 15:55

    • Pat, thanks! I thought it was okay the way it came out, but my wife said it needed the effect!

      2014/07/21 at 16:10

  3. Like a painting!! Hope he’s catching walleyes and not Northerns, they bite😬

    2014/07/21 at 19:17

    • Barb, more likely Pike in there!

      2014/07/21 at 19:30

  4. This is absolutely beautiful

    2014/07/23 at 13:42

    • Brian, thank you very much!

      2014/07/23 at 13:45

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