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Fraser Canyon

The Fraser Canyon, north of Yale, B.C.

The Fraser Canyon, north of Yale, B.C.


9 responses

  1. thanks for that marvelous view.

    2014/06/15 at 11:20

    • T, you’re welcome! And thank you!

      2014/06/15 at 12:07

  2. Nice one, Robin. Been doing a bit of hiking?
    Does the earth have that reddish cast naturally? Or is it a touch of ærial perspective?

    2014/06/15 at 11:36

    • D, thanks! A little spot I know just off the highway! Yes, it’s a bit of red through there!

      2014/06/15 at 12:09

  3. I would encourage that anyone who has the opportunity needs to take the train north of Whistler that crosses the Fraser River Canyon. It is one of the highest bridges in the world. You will see mountain goats along the tracks.

    2014/06/15 at 11:39

  4. Magnificent !!!

    2014/06/15 at 12:01

    • Domnuio, thank you!

      2014/06/15 at 12:13

  5. Pat

    Spectacular view, Robin.

    2014/06/15 at 16:02

    • Pat, thanks! It’s very scenic through there!

      2014/06/15 at 16:09

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