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Good Fences

A rail type fence in the Fraser Valley of B.C.

A rail type fence in the Fraser Valley of B.C.  It’s Good Fences day.  Jump on over to the following link and have a look at all the neat fences from all over the places.     Say Hi to Theresa while you’re there:


20 responses

  1. gosh, robin, what a view!!! thank you!

    2014/04/10 at 12:20

    • T, thanks! It’s a great view alright!

      2014/04/10 at 13:56

  2. Hi Robin Yes a great view and you managed 3 fences in the one shot.

    2014/04/10 at 14:03

    • Margaret, thanks!

      2014/04/10 at 14:03

  3. What a beautiful scene, lovely colors and a great fence shot! Enjoy your day and have a happy weekend ahead!

    2014/04/10 at 14:37

    • Eileen, thank you so much! Hope you have a great weekend too!

      2014/04/10 at 18:35

  4. Pat

    That’s just a heavenly scene, Robin.

    2014/04/10 at 15:57

  5. Interesting editing, Robin … gives a sort of Utrillo effect.

    2014/04/10 at 17:41

    • D, thanks for the comparison!

      2014/04/10 at 18:37

  6. carbartz

    Such a beautiful landscape. It makes me miss B.C.

    2014/04/10 at 20:04

    • Carbartz, always so nice! When it’s not raining! Thanks!

      2014/04/10 at 20:05

  7. That’s a wonderful fence shot! I like the way you edited the photo. I also like that big, long hedge. Someone spends a lot of time trimming that thing!!

    2014/04/10 at 21:53

    • Peter, thanks! The property was well tended!

      2014/04/11 at 12:24

  8. Amazingly beautiful! Hello from Washington State! – Karen

    2014/04/10 at 22:50

    • Karen, thanks! You have wonderful vistas down there too!

      2014/04/11 at 12:23

  9. That’s a really long span between upright posts. Nice view.

    2014/04/11 at 09:18

    • Geraldine, thanks!

      2014/04/11 at 12:22

  10. That’s gorgeous!

    2014/04/11 at 12:46

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