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House in the Woods

An old house in the woods.  I love the little tree growing up there!

An old house in the woods. I love the little tree growing up there!


6 responses

  1. wow! a very fertile roof! 🙂

    2014/04/01 at 11:46

    • T, lol, no kidding! I couldn’t get over the tree growing up there!

      2014/04/01 at 14:54

  2. Pat

    What a beautiful shot, Robin. I love the forsythia that still grows in front of the house.

    2014/04/01 at 13:48

    • Pat, we’ve been driving up and down that road for years. Never saw that. House until yesterday! The Forsythia was just coming into bloom! Thank you!

      2014/04/01 at 14:55

  3. Wow, Robin … I was gonna yell at you for tipping the dang house, but on closer inspection, I see any number of lines that would suggest themselves as “local vertical”, but each one’s different! Jeeze! I reckon I’ll just keep ma mouf shut.

    But … the photo at full-size looks pretty fine, but in sizes that fit the screen, or indeed, the size above, look like an impressionist painting … kinda granular, and vibrating all over the place. I think it might be considered oversharpened for this size. If I’m going to show something in a reduced size, I reduce it first, then sharpen. If I’m selling a huge size, I ask if the person wants it sharpened or not.

    BTW, is this HDR? I see blurry leaves next to sharp leaves …

    LOL … other than that, it’s a great photo … these old places, a bit neglected, are great subjects.

    2014/04/01 at 14:28

    • D,hanks for your suggestions. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Yes, it’s a five shot HDR. I quite like playing with them, but they can be finicky! I think one needs five shots for all the shadows and highlights, but it hard to keep everything from moving for that long!

      2014/04/01 at 14:59

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