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Downtown, Langley City, B.C.

Downtown, Langley City, B.C.

6 responses

  1. that’s cute. i’m surprised they’ve not been sued by Dr. Seuss and co. 🙂

    2014/03/28 at 13:24

    • T, t is a bit of an infringement isn’t it!

      2014/03/28 at 15:36

  2. Pat

    Love the art on the seafood shop window. Also, the name of the sewing shop.

    2014/03/28 at 16:32

    • Pat,thanks! The art was what really attracted me! Such fun!

      2014/03/28 at 16:50

  3. Yes … nice shot, Robin … a fun shot of an amusing stretch of street.

    2014/03/28 at 18:30

    • D, thanks! They have done a fairly good job in the whole area.

      2014/03/28 at 18:45

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