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Gas Town



9 responses

  1. what a neat building!

    2014/03/19 at 12:19

    • T, Vancouver’s very own flatiron!

      2014/03/19 at 13:24

  2. I love that building. Nice shot.

    2014/03/19 at 16:45

  3. We have one i our city too. Naturally called “The Flat Iron” building 🙂

    2014/03/19 at 18:49

    • Andy, there seems to be lots of them around! Popular design, I guess!

      2014/03/19 at 19:12

  4. Nice shot, Robin. I’ve never seen this one.

    2014/03/19 at 21:26

  5. Pat

    I like those wedge-shaped buildings. Neat shot.

    2014/03/20 at 16:45

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