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At the Corner

Busy Intersection

Busy Intersection

6 responses

  1. but what a backdrop! 🙂

    2014/03/16 at 13:23

    • T, we’re just down the road from this corner, so get that view regularly. That is when it’s not raining, like it’s been doing everyday for the last week now!!
      I never get tire of the view though!

      2014/03/16 at 13:41

  2. Pat

    Such a beautiful part of the country you live in. Love the spectacular mountain background.

    2014/03/16 at 13:59

    • Pat, thanks! It is a beautiful part of our land!

      2014/03/16 at 14:23

  3. Nice picture of close-up confusion and distant calm.

    2014/03/16 at 20:11

    • D, that’s what it is most of the time!

      2014/03/16 at 20:39

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