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Canada Geese on the go

Canada Geese on the go


6 responses

  1. so pretty! wish they’d stop here for once! 🙂

    2014/03/15 at 12:43

    • T, they have always been a favourite of mine! Funny they don’t stop there. They seem to be everywhere!

      2014/03/15 at 14:16

  2. Pat

    Perfect capture of this lovely duo!

    2014/03/15 at 15:38

  3. Beautiful shot, Robin!
    They’re in the habit of wintering over here, and becoming permanent residents. I don’t know about this winter, but there are lots of ponds, artificial lakes (the hubris of the wealthy), etc, with permanently open water, and they’re shallow enough to find food in, so they just move in and have families. They have really overpopulated the place, and they’re a health hazard … their droppings are all over the place, and there are many areas where one dare not walk across the lawn. Or sidewalk, for that matter. I love ’em; they’re beautiful birds and excellent flyers, but they are definitely a pest.
    It would make sense to cull the huge flocks; it could be done easily and safely with an airgun, or possibly traps, and the meat (which is excellent) could feed lots of people around the city that haven’t got enough money to provide enough protein, but Oooh Noooo! The dear loverly birds shouldn’t be hurt! Naturally, this usually comes from the same people that complain about the mess on their lawns and the destruction of their gardens by wildlife of any sort, but no one said the human race was logical.

    2014/03/15 at 20:07

    • D, you’re so right! It’s the same way around here! They’re everywhere! I’ve always loved the from the days as a lad where we used to hunt them. I much prefer doing my hunting with a camera, but the odd roast goose wouldn’t go down bad either
      They also having over population problems with the Snow geese too. There’s so many of them that they are stripping the vegetation to a point where it can’t recover. Another one in dire need of a cull!
      But I certainly love seeing them!

      2014/03/15 at 20:17

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