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Unknown Ahead



10 responses

  1. sadly, that applies to most of us, doesn’t it?

    2014/03/05 at 12:56

    • T, you’re right! But sometimes it’s a good thing!

      2014/03/05 at 13:51

  2. Nice one, Robin! The choice of B&W was just right. That feeling of going forward into nothingness is perfectly expressed.

    2014/03/06 at 06:27

  3. Pat

    Black and white really enhances the atmosphere.

    2014/03/06 at 16:19

    • Pat, thanks! It was kind of spooky out there!

      2014/03/06 at 16:41

  4. It definitely looks spooky – I’d be slowing the car at that point!

    2014/03/08 at 08:22

    • Adele, thanks! Yes, that’s the feeling I had too!

      2014/03/08 at 12:55

  5. brilliant photo, great tones

    2014/03/14 at 15:51

    • MV, thanks for your interest!

      2014/03/14 at 16:19

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