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A Break in the Clouds



8 responses

  1. i like the sun spots! hopefully more sunshine on the way.

    2014/03/04 at 12:31

    • T, that would be a real treat!

      2014/03/04 at 12:54

  2. Wonderful to see that light!!

    2014/03/04 at 12:50

    • It would be even better to see the sun!

      2014/03/04 at 12:54

  3. Pat

    Soon those bare branches will be leafing out!

    2014/03/04 at 15:58

    • Pat, I’m looking forward to it!! I’ve had enough of this rotten winter!

      2014/03/04 at 16:22

      • It has been severe, hasn’t it? I don’t usually tire of winter, but this one’s got me down; no two ways about it.
        Nice shot … was it raining when you shot it?

        2014/03/04 at 21:51

      • D, thanks! Yes, it’s been raining for awhile now!

        2014/03/04 at 22:58

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