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Vases Three

Vases courtesy of Galini

Vases courtesy of Galini

10 responses

  1. wow, such detail on these!

    2014/03/02 at 12:15

    • T, they had a real nice collection!

      2014/03/02 at 13:16

  2. p.s. we’re presently getting pelted with sleet. after yesterday at 80F degrees, we are currently at 27F, awaiting thunderstorms, and falling to 18F tonight. so thanks for spreading it around! 🙂

    2014/03/02 at 12:16

    • T, Wow,what a temperature range! It’s sitting right at 0 today (32 degrees to u!) and it’s miserable! You didn’t have to accept my offer!

      2014/03/02 at 13:15

  3. These are beautiful, Robin! Are they original Greek?

    2014/03/02 at 19:36

    • Derwandersmann, afraid I haven’t a clue! They are part of a wonderful Greek restaurant we frequent!

      2014/03/02 at 20:01

      • Undoubtedly reproductions, then. Too expensive, not to say risky, to have 4,000 year old artifacts in a restaurant.

        2014/03/02 at 21:29

      • I think you right!

        2014/03/02 at 23:01

  4. Pat

    They are beautiful. I thought they were part of a museum exhibit.

    2014/03/03 at 08:02

    • Pat, it’s a very nice, classy, restaurant! Good food too!

      2014/03/03 at 16:34

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