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A necessary chore

A necessary chore


11 responses

  1. yup. 🙂

    really nice to see you visit again! hope that means you’re feeling better! you can keep your snow, though.

    2014/03/01 at 14:27

    • T, thanks! Better every day!

      2014/03/01 at 14:30

    • I wish somebody would keep it!

      2014/03/01 at 14:31

  2. Very Cool Effects!

    2014/03/01 at 14:37

  3. Looks like a painting in acrylic. Nice!

    2014/03/01 at 20:37

    • Derwandersmann, thanks very much!

      2014/03/02 at 11:54

    • Louisette, thanks!

      2014/03/03 at 16:35

  4. Pat

    Everyday stuff makes for a nice shot. Love the pops of red.

    2014/03/03 at 08:25

    • Pat, thanks! That really jumped out at me toO!

      2014/03/03 at 16:33

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