My world in images


The Seamstress



7 responses

  1. how cute. your wife?

    2014/01/31 at 13:00

    • T, yes! She doesn’t like having her picture took!

      2014/01/31 at 13:22

      • awww. well, hello mrs. robin. 🙂

        2014/01/31 at 15:47

      • T, it’s Sharon! And Hello back atcha!

        2014/01/31 at 17:02

      • {waving hello from texas!}

        2014/02/01 at 06:00

  2. A lovely, homey shot, Robin … my compliments to you and your lady.

    2014/02/01 at 08:55

    • Derwandersmann, Thanks so much! I caught hell, cause she was in the shot! But that’s okay, I can stand it!!

      2014/02/01 at 14:15

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