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Sexy Reflections



6 responses

  1. i need a bra fit specialist. 😉

    2014/01/29 at 16:04

    • T, well, come on up!

      2014/01/29 at 16:08

  2. onomatopoeicbliss

    Lol, the lady is walking by, looking in, thinking she’d love a bra that felt like it wasn’t there.

    The Dude, on the other hand, is keeping his eyes glued to the pavement, dreading having his wife catch him sneaking a look😖

    2014/01/29 at 18:37

    • Good interpretation!

      2014/01/29 at 18:41

  3. Pat

    Neat shot!

    2014/01/31 at 09:21

    • Pat, thanks! There was lots going on!

      2014/01/31 at 11:55

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