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Through the Gate



8 responses

  1. hallways, stairways, all sorts of avenues to try. 🙂

    2014/01/28 at 15:57

    • T, I thought it was quite interesting!

      2014/01/28 at 16:18

  2. Pat

    Maybe and entrance to a labyrinth.

    2014/01/29 at 15:58

    • Pat, thanks! Isn’t it neat how our imagination interprets things!

      2014/01/29 at 16:06

  3. Pat

    “an” not “and”

    2014/01/29 at 15:59

    • Pat, got it! Our minds are pretty good at reading past typos too!!

      2014/01/29 at 16:07

  4. As long as we’re imagining, we might extend this to Through the Gate of the Silver Key … an old Lovecraft story. Not nearly so bright as this, though.
    Wonderful shot, Robin! and you positioned yourself perfectly.

    2014/02/01 at 09:30

    • Derwandersmann, thanks! It just called out to me as I was passing!

      2014/02/01 at 14:11

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