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Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker on a spring like January afternoon

Mt. Baker on a spring like January afternoon


10 responses

  1. gorgeous greens you have there in january! sort of like texas (without the mountain.) 🙂

    2014/01/25 at 16:05

    • T, thanks! That’s from all the rain we get!!

      2014/01/25 at 16:59

  2. What a gorgeous photo of Mt. Baker, and an amazing assist to get through the winter.

    2014/01/25 at 16:55

    • Charlie, thanks so much! Baker is So nice when it’s clear enough to see her! It was a stunning day here today. 12 degree C, clear and sunny! I’m looking for an early Spring!!

      2014/01/25 at 17:01

  3. Very nice, Robin … a “pastorale”?

    2014/01/25 at 17:37

  4. I love this mountain – I saw it on my first visit to Canada. Let’s just hope it never becomes volcanically active!

    2014/01/26 at 11:16

    • Adele, thanks! I would certainly agree we you there! We can see it from our front room window! Too close, volcano wise!

      2014/01/26 at 13:48

  5. I liked your blog…….here’s a small sample of mine, Zulu Delta

    2014/02/16 at 20:27

    • Zulu, thanks for your comments! Your blog is very good! Keep up the great work!

      2014/02/23 at 12:37

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