My world in images





8 responses

  1. Robin this would make a great book cover for a book.

    2014/01/21 at 18:39

    • Sonya, thanks! I was quite pleased with how it came out!
      Sorry I spelt your name wrong earlier!

      2014/01/21 at 18:45

  2. really, really nice one!!

    2014/01/21 at 18:42

    • T, thanks so much! I’m quite pleased with it!

      2014/01/21 at 18:46

  3. Pat

    Fantastic image, Robin. I love it!

    2014/01/22 at 08:11

    • Pat, thanks so much!

      2014/01/22 at 15:04

  4. Thank you for your inspirational HDR pictures. I mentioned you and your blog in my blog article today.

    2014/01/23 at 18:31

    • Sonya, thank you for your kind interest!

      2014/01/23 at 19:09

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