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6 responses

  1. Oh my…they finally boarded up the Bates Motel!! Hitchcock movies are just great….love this one and rear window….the birds too

    2014/01/03 at 13:59

    • Barb, thanks! I think it’s just boarded up for the winter. It’s quite an elaborate set! Pretty neat!

      2014/01/03 at 15:50

  2. wow. scary!

    glad you’re back to posting!

    2014/01/03 at 14:21

    • T, yeah it is a bit spooky!!
      I’ve been under the weather quite a bit lately. Due for surgery some time this month, so I’ll probably be. Done a bit more, later.
      Thanks for missing me!!

      2014/01/03 at 15:52

      • hate to hear that! sure hope the surgery will help, though!

        2014/01/03 at 16:07

      • T, yep, me too! It’s not much fun being laid up this long! But I’m optimistic!!

        2014/01/03 at 16:08

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