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Winter Pansies



6 responses

  1. beautiful rich color. glad they are hardy souls!

    2013/12/13 at 13:23

    • T, there’s so little colour this time of year! So nice to see a little flash of it!

      2013/12/13 at 14:04

  2. It’s so amazing that these dainty flowers do so well in winter. Lovely shot, Robin!

    2013/12/13 at 14:43

    • Gail, Thanks! They are sheltered beside the front door, but it was still below zero for over a week!

      2013/12/13 at 15:47

  3. Pat

    What a beautiful sight on this ugly, dreary day here!

    2013/12/14 at 16:48

    • Pat,thanks! It’s the same way here!

      2013/12/14 at 17:39

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