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Home from the Sea


11 responses

  1. really a sight i don’t get to see! 🙂

    2013/10/29 at 11:47

    • T, no I guess not!!

      2013/10/29 at 13:15

  2. Beautiful

    2013/10/29 at 12:33

  3. Pat

    I love this beautiful shot!

    2013/10/29 at 17:00

    • Pat, thanks so much!

      2013/10/29 at 17:58

  4. Hi Robin, I’m now on WordPress! (As most of the former Opera Community will be shortly…)

    Those ships make me miss the sea. At least in calm weather 😉

    2013/11/04 at 13:40

    • Adele, nice to hear from you! Glad you are here on WordPress. I like it quite a lot. Is something happening with Opera? The only time I get over there now is for your blog!

      2013/11/04 at 14:29

    • Adele, I answered my own question. Sorry to see Opera go. But it’s a competitive market and only the best will survive. I’m strongly thinking of changing my Other blog to WordPress. Haven’t been very happy with it. Seems to be not doing what I had expected.
      Nothing like a fresh start, I guess!

      2013/11/04 at 15:00

  5. Opera has changed as a company over the last year, and it’s lost a lot of its charm, sad to say. But I’m looking forward to blogging on WordPress.

    2013/11/05 at 11:04

    • Adele, I quite pleased with WordPress! Welcome aboard!

      2013/11/05 at 14:39

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