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8 responses

  1. i like it.

    2013/10/03 at 14:17

  2. Pat

    Beautiful shot, nicely composed. I love the warm, golden colors in the foreground contrasted with the blues of the mountains and sky. And, of course, I like the way you processed the shot.

    2013/10/04 at 13:31

    • Pat, thanks! There was lots of activity around that day. They were harvesting potatoes!

      2013/10/04 at 13:53

    • I agree with Pat!

      2013/10/19 at 16:56

      • Din, thanks!

        2013/10/19 at 17:05

  3. Nice contrast between rural life and the untamed mountains beyond.

    2013/10/09 at 00:13

    • Adele, on the edge of greater Vancouver. Along the road to Reifel bird sanctuary! A lovely area!

      2013/10/09 at 00:21

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