My world in images


Stairway to Heaven



10 responses

  1. nice shot.

    really liked your hover fly, too.

    2013/08/11 at 13:30

    • T. Thanks! Still can’t get into it?

      2013/08/11 at 14:54

      • no. when i don’t leave a comment there, it’s because no comment box shows up.

        2013/08/12 at 06:27

      • T, that’s really weird, cause I’m getting comments from other people! I’ve really been trying to make sure it’s visible from this end!

        2013/08/12 at 11:46

      • well, glad it’s working for other folks, at least!

        2013/08/12 at 12:30

      • T, I really don’t understand it!

        2013/08/12 at 16:06

  2. Pat

    I like the angle of this shot.

    2013/08/11 at 16:16

  3. daryledelstein

    very escher!

    2013/08/12 at 12:24

    • Daryl, thanks very much! A great compliment!

      2013/08/12 at 12:30

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