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Seattle Public Library

Happy 4th to all my Americans friends!


8 responses

  1. I have gone down town just to stand inside that building, and yes it was just as amazing on the inside as it makes you feel when you stand outside and look at it…love your photo.

    2013/07/04 at 13:40

    • Charlie, thanks! I’m going to have to make a concerted effort to get inside there next time we are down that way!

      2013/07/04 at 14:45

  2. some serious windex budget, there!

    2013/07/04 at 13:45

    • T, no doubt about that!

      2013/07/04 at 14:44

  3. Pat

    Spectacular architecture. I’d love to see inside.

    2013/07/04 at 15:44

    • Pat, isn’t it grand!

      2013/07/04 at 15:58

  4. i love your city/urban photos such a contrast to your other photography ..

    2013/07/05 at 07:50

    • Daryl, thanks so much!

      2013/07/05 at 10:51

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