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A Valley View



10 responses

  1. great steely grays and fresh-turned dirt.

    2013/05/11 at 12:18

    • T, love the smell of freshly turned dirt! The farmer across from us, just turned his! Not looking forward to the fertilizer (chicken poop) stage!! :>(

      2013/05/11 at 12:33

      • reminds me of spring in wisconsin – when all the dairy farmers would spread manure from the big mound that accumulated outside the back of the barn all winter… 🙂

        2013/05/12 at 08:10

      • T, they do that here too! The turned earth smell is much nicer!

        2013/05/12 at 10:16

  2. I love your subject as much as the technical quality of your picture; both are superb.

    2013/05/11 at 16:51

    • Charlie, thanks very much!

      2013/05/11 at 17:46

  3. Pat

    Beautiful mountain background.

    2013/05/12 at 16:07

    • PaT, always stunning in the sunshine!

      2013/05/12 at 16:51

  4. Love the place! Really!

    2013/05/17 at 10:55

    • Alex, thanks! It’s a pretty area alright!

      2013/05/17 at 11:37

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