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A Valley View



12 responses

  1. that hedge is something! but i love the fence in front!

    2013/05/07 at 12:53

    • T, it was a stunning view! I liked the rail fence too!

      2013/05/07 at 23:47

  2. Love the color contrasts, the textures. Beautiful photo.

    2013/05/07 at 15:01

  3. I also enjoyed the bold color contrasts, great photo.

    2013/05/07 at 21:26

    • Charlie, thanks!

      2013/05/07 at 21:42

  4. love the processing .. the canvas effect is perfect

    2013/05/08 at 08:31

    • Daryl, thanks! It’s such fun!

      2013/05/08 at 09:57

  5. Pat

    Gorgeous work, Robin!

    2013/05/08 at 16:23

    • Pat, thanks so much!

      2013/05/08 at 17:09

  6. It looks like a dream home!

    2013/05/09 at 08:51

    • Adele, with a view like that, I would agree!

      2013/05/09 at 10:31

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