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Country Church



8 responses

  1. ooh, i LOVE that double-sided cross! what a great steeple! love the effect you gave this, too. please tell me you’ll link this to inSPIREd sunday this afternoon at

    2013/05/04 at 10:28

    • T, thanks! I’ve never seen this one before. It took me by surprise! A nice surprise!

      2013/05/04 at 12:06

  2. I grew up in a small rural farming town. The community had a gas station, a country store, a Methodist, and Lutheran Church. Every Sunday both churches were full. I remember them looking so much like your image.

    2013/05/04 at 14:51

    • Charlie, I think a lot of them followed a common plan!

      2013/05/04 at 16:55

  3. Pat

    What a lovely church! The gardens around it look beautifully landscaped also.

    2013/05/05 at 07:03

    • Pat, thanks! It was quite well maintained! Nice to see!

      2013/05/05 at 10:12

  4. Calm and peaceful.

    2013/05/17 at 10:59

    • Alex, nestled always in a country village!

      2013/05/17 at 11:38

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