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Mt. Slesse

Mount Slesse


11 responses

  1. just “WOW”

    2013/05/01 at 13:46

    • T, thanks so much!

      2013/05/01 at 13:48

  2. Pat

    Splendid scenery!

    2013/05/01 at 16:16

    • Pat, thanks! I think it’s pretty spectacular!

      2013/05/01 at 17:13

    • Pat, thanks! Yes it’s quite spectacular!

      2013/05/02 at 14:21

  3. Your photo is absolutely breathtaking.

    2013/05/01 at 22:10

    • Charlie, thanks! It’s great scenery!

      2013/05/01 at 22:24

  4. daryledelstein

    that is a lovely photo, majestic!

    2013/05/02 at 07:30

    • Daryl, thanks, I think so too!

      2013/05/02 at 14:21

  5. Have not (yet) made it to British Columbia. It’s on my Bucket List of places I must visit, and now, seeing this gorgeous photo, I’ve pushed it up to must-do SOON! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous (I love the mood you’ve captured, too… not a ‘perfect’ sunshiny blue day as most photographers would grab at, but the kind of day that is probably more common to that area).

    2013/05/02 at 14:57

    • Pam, oh you must visit! It’s a wonderful part of the country! Especially when the sun is shining (a must!)
      Thanks for your comments!

      2013/05/02 at 15:00

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