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Along the Shore



8 responses

  1. such a cool bunch of house boats!! or boat houses! or whatever you’d call them!

    2013/04/21 at 11:00

    • T,thanks! House boats, I think!

      2013/04/21 at 15:24

  2. Seattle has a vibrant houseboat community; it costs more to live on a houseboat than landed housing. I love your photos. I am always intrigued by the composition.

    2013/04/21 at 11:17

    • Charles! I always thought they would be awful cold in the winter with all the dampness! Thanks for your comments!they are appreciated!

      2013/04/21 at 15:26

  3. all i am seeing is a black screen with those little question marks in place of photos

    2013/04/22 at 05:51

    • Daryl, I sure don’t know what that is about! Everything seems to be fine at this end, and other people have commented on the shot.

      2013/04/22 at 10:35

  4. Pat

    A beautiful shot of all the houseboats in a row.

    2013/04/22 at 16:31

    • Pat, they re a bit on the unusual side! Thanks!

      2013/04/22 at 17:02

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